Términos y condiciones de uso

Estos términos y condiciones, que pueden ser corregidos en cualquier momento sin noticia previa, son aplicables a todos nuestros servicios, directamente o indirectamente, (a través de distribuidores) accesos en linea, por correo o por telefono. Al acceso, navegación y uso de nuestra pagina web y/o completando una reservación, así tu reconoces y das consentimiento que has leído, entendido y aceptas a estos términos y condiciones mencionadas.


Esta pagina, su contenido e infraestructura y reservación en linea ofrecida en esta pagina y a través del red son propiedad de Anima Casa Rural/ ACRAR y son disponibles ‘ para uso personal y no uso comercial, sujeto a los términos y condiciones aquí estipulados

1- Dentro del alcance de nuestro servicio
A traves de esta pagina web, Anima Casa Rural / ACARA (Anima Casa Rural Artistas en Residencia), ofrece en linea una plataforma en la cual podemos promover nuestros cuartos y servicios de reservación, y visitantes de la pagina web pueden hacer dichas reservaciones. Nuestros servicios se ofrecen para uso personal y no comercial. Asi, nadie esta permitido vender, ligar, usar, copiar, monitoriar (ex. spider, scrape), exhibir, descargar o reproducir ningún contenido o información, programas, productos o servicios ofrecidos en nuestra pagina web para ningún fin comercial, actividad o competencia.

2- Rates & best price Guaranteed

The prices on our website are highly competitive. All prices on the website of Anima Casa Rural are presented by the full stay room service, including transportation Airport / Anima / Anima / Airpot exclusively for Art Residencies (not service of B & B) and three meals a day Farm to Table.


3- Privacy

Anima Casa Rural – ACRAR0 is governed by high ethical standards and respects your privacy. Except information required by law in any relevant jurisdiction and the disclosure of his name, email address and card data to complete your reservation. We will not disclose your information to third parties without your personal consent.


4- Cancellation

To make a reservation at Anima Casa Rural, accept and agree with the relevant cancellation conditions and non-attendance to Anima Casa Rural (ACRAR) and with any additional terms and conditions stated in our webpage.


5- Other correspondence

When you complete a booking, You agree to receive an email that will be sent to you shortly before your arrival date, that will give you information about your destination and will provide certain information and offers.


6- Legal Notice

In accordance with the limitations set forth in these terms and conditions and to the extent allowed by law,We are only liable for direct damages actually sustained, paid or incurred by you as a result of attributable to a failure of our obligations in respect of our services.

However, within the limits permitted by law, Neither we nor any of our employees,

Directors, employees, representatives, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, distributors, partners (of distribution) affiliates, licensed, agents or others involved in creating, sponsorship, promotion or otherwise make available the website and its content shall be liable for any damage or punitive loss, Special, indirect or consequential, any loss of production, loss of profit, loss of income, contract loss, loss or damage of influences or reputation, loss of the right the compensation, any inaccuracy in relation to (descriptive) Info (including rates, availability

and ratings) the hotel as it appears available on our website, the services provided or the products offered by the hotel, any damages (direct, indirect, consequential damages or punitive damages), losses or costs

supported, incurred or paid by you, as, arising out of or in connection with the use, It is impossible to use or delay of our website, or for any loss (staff), death, damage to property or other (direct, indirect, Special, consequential damages or punitive damages) damage, losses or costs incurred, incurred

or paid by you, whether due to acts (legal), errors, offences, negligence (serious), improper conduct intentional, omissions, failure to comply with, false information, offence or absolute liability for or attributable (fully or partially) to the hotel (your employees, Directors, administrative, agents, representatives or affiliates), including any cancellation (partial), excess reserves,strike, force majeure or any other event that escape our control.


7- Hotel policies

Check-in 11AM – 1PM

Check-out 11 AM


7.2 Pets: not admitted.


8- House Guidelines
– Kitchen use and food schedule must be respected.
– Cleaning of rooms happens on a strict schedule which must be respected.
– Doors must be closed after entering or leaving the house/spaces.
– Please seek permission before entering animal enclosures and vegetable  gardens.
– Residents can’t dig, cut, trim, or step on plants, flowers, trees and bushes.
– Anima aims to be a sustainable space and provides bins for disposable garbage and personal hygiene products. Please use these bins correctly.
– Residents must clean up after themselves including their dishes.
– Anima provides towels which are strictly to be used at the residency.
– Drugs and illegal substances are strictly prohibited.
– Residents must maintain civil and respectful engagement with all staff and peers.