Encouraged by our mother, our family left Guadalajara, Mexico in 2003. Her support and our hard work have shaped the origins of what ANIMA has become today. In appreciation of her heritage, as she is originally from Cora/Huichol from Huajikori Nahuatl, we named our rooms, patios, kitchen and terraces with words that embrace her history, especially as it reflects our current world.

The goals of ANIMA are inspired by the book Evening Thoughts, by Thomas Berry. Our name comes from the concept that “anima” is what gave the first breath of life to the earth, and is what inspires our souls. This notion also has origins in ancient Greek civilization as the term is used to articulate ideas about humans existing with a soul. We believe that with you, we will be able to learn and cooperate to make this world a better place to live.


We provide respite within ANIMA’s walls from a western civilization that is addicted to material gain and consumption. In fact, this is our primary goal and is at the heart of our existence.


In our vegetable garden is where we have most of the production of our annuals, from carrots, to beets, chillies and cauliflower, lettuce and cucumbers. From here is where the fresh comes to our table! 


We are located in the community of San Isidro Mazatepec, in the municipality of Tala in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. We are three hectare natural (organic) farm, we have a vegetable garden, a food forest production, chickens, rabbits, goats and a three cows. Our main production is food for auto consumption, to our family and guest. We have a variety of fruit threes, medicinal plants, and production of annuals and perennials. We are developing projects for the regeneration of our soils for grass pasture for our animals and the reforestation of a donated government area with native species to the community.

Languages spoken:Spanish / English


We will be offering a shared accommodation with a private room for the person that wishes to stay with us, the house is installed with a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room, plus three meals a day in exchange for labor.


Activities might be participating in:

* Feeding chickens, rabbits, goats and cows

* Cleaning the animal areas

* Milking the cow when needed

* Weeding the vegetable garden and the other areas

* Making and fixing fences

* Making compost

* Helping in developing projects

* Helping during workshops and residencies 

* Maintenance of general areas

Hours per day: 5 – Days per week: 6
Stay:1 month minimum to 3 months maximum


The production of food within the restoration of our soils is where we promote the grow of our perennials, fruit threes, medicinal and nitrogen fixing plants.    


Our commitment with the environment is not only to restore but to create ecosystems where animals and plants can thrive. Our natural swimming pool has the propose of recreation for our guest while promoting the grow of plants and animals.  


We encourage our guest to use our composting toilets due to the importance of water conservation, our toilets are clean and beautiful! The compost produce there is only use for ornamental plants.