Unearthing the Archive

Curator – Aidan Cowling (CANADA)
Residency Dates: OCTUBER 15th – 30th 2021
Call for Submissions Deadline: September 18th, 2021
Application fee $25 USD
Total residency Cost: $740 (USD)

In a short amount of time, the Internet and digital technologies have dramatically changed the way we live our lives, and we are beginning to register and quantify how our daily contact with the digital world has altered the archive. How is technology being mobilized today to preserve and present archive and history? This residency invites participants to experience ANIMA Casa Rural through the lens of the archive, and consider how can the historical archive be used to find a way forward and makes sense of today.

Throughout the residency we will visit The National Archives of Mexico, Archivo de Instrumentos Públicos, Archivo del Arzobispado de Guadalajara, Archivo General de Notarías del Estado de Jalisco, and various archives in the surrounding area. Studio visits with archivists and local artists, will give participants the opportunity to explore these archives and further their own research. This residency will develop terms for working in the archive, and explore examples from contemporary practices that we can deployed when engaging with archival materials. Workshops on the farm will consider different ways of digitizing the archive, as well as explore experimental ways that the archive can be used in your artistic practice like digital editing, green screen, performance and installation. Participants are encourage to apply to this residency with a particular theme or focus they wish to research in the archives.