Curator –  Sarah Eargle (USA)
Residency Dates: JUNE 1sth – JULY 30th 2021
Call for Submissions Deadline: May 19th, 2021
Application fee $25 USD
Total residency Cost: $ 740 (USD)

During the months of June and July 2021, ACRAR will be hosting a two month residency in which the main purpose will be the creation of workshops and creative activities by artists in residence for our community.

The curator and facilitator of GerminARTE is Sarah Eargle, an art teacher and interdisciplinary artist from Maryland, USA. The local arts council for our region, “Tala Cultura”, will work in collaboration with the curator and participating artists to promote and facilitate workshops. Applicants should be interested in designing and leading a minimum of one workshop/art activity for our community that is at least 3 hours in length. Workshops may be for children or adults and we are especially interested in those that relate to the practice of permaculture or environmentalism. The remaining time of the residency is available for independent studio work. Artists may stay anywhere from 2-8 weeks.

2 weeks stay – 1 workshop.
4 weeks stay – 2 workshops.
6 weeks stay – 3 workshops.
8 weeks stay – 4 workshops.

2 weeks stay – $740 USD
4 weeks stay – $1400 USD %5 OFF
6 weeks stay – $2,000 USD %10 OFF
8 weeks stay – $2,520 USD %15 OFF

Sarah Eargle holds a BA in Fine Arts from St. Mary’s College of Maryland (2010) and an MFA from Towson University (2016). She has worked as an art educator for 10 years and is currently the K-8 art teacher at Barnesville School of Arts and Sciences, where she has worked since 2016. As an interdisciplinary artist, Eargle’s work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, performance art, and more recently, illustration. She is currently working on her first picture book.