price starting at $56.00 per night

Our greatest environmental accomplishment yet! If you are looking for a full on “green” experience, you and your friends and/or family will love this space, as here you can get back to basics. Metzeri is an ecological and traditional “Adobe” building, made by our family. We used mud, clay and various fibrous organic materials like grass. Eventually we plan on building more of these houses on the property. This structure is independent from the bigger ANIMA house. It has four rooms or as we like to call them moon bellies. The bigger centre has a sky dome where you can see the stars at night from bed. It also has two other smaller rooms and another belly is a sitting area. The bathroom (a composting toilet) and shower are located outside of the structure at a close distance.


price starting at $60.00 per night

Traveling with friends and family can always be a thriving experience and we know that! Aitsari is what we have to offer for a more private accommodation with us. This rooms counts with its own private bathroom and closet, perfect for a small family, a group of friends or even a romantic couple.


price starting at $46.00 per night

If you enjoy is to travelling alone and meeting good people in interesting places, we have the perfect accommodation for you. Tetewari is an open sharing space for four. Furnished hostel style with bunk beds, here you can enjoy all we have to offer at ANIMA without travelling with others.


price starting at $35.00 per night