Curator – Hector Varela (USA / MEXICO)
Residency Dates: APRIL 15th to 30th 2020
Call for Submissions Deadline: MARCH 16th, 2020
Application fee $25 USD
Total residency Cost: $ 740 (USD)

 A never ending story of what we have lost with the pasage of time (life)

Identity and exploration of the artists

Document and curate the artist’s lifeline  and creation all the while asking the question: What have you lost?

Since I was little I have wondered where do things go and where are we going?

As individuals and as society we organize and try to keep and collect as much as we can, but there are many times that we lose track. “We lose things, thoughts, people”

We know all those things we just need to dig to ourselves (in this case the artist self ) and expose.

And inventory can trace a lifeline too, The past, the present and the future. An artist can explore their past or just try to explain their future.