Permaculture in the Classroom

Curator –  Sarah Eargle (USA)
Residency Dates: JULY 15th – 30th 2020
Call for Submissions Deadline: May 19th, 2020
Application fee $25 USD
Total residency Cost: $ 740 (USD)

This residency is designed for art educators interested in incorporating the ideas and ethics of permaculture into their classrooms. Within the setting of an active permaculture farm, participants will collaborate to develop a pedagogy rooted in the three tenets of permaculture: care of the earth, care of the people, and return of surpluses to the earth and people. Hands on workshops will introduce participants to the practical aspects of permaculture, which they will then use to develop cross-curricular lessons that are based on the practice of permaculture. Each participant will leave the residency with the resources and confidence to re-imagine permaculture within a diverse range of educational environments.