Rethinking The Table

Rethinking The Table
Residency Fates: April 15th – April30th, 2019
Call for Submissions Deadline: March 18th 2019
Cost: $715 USD.

Students & Latin-American citizens $585 USD

Fees include meals & Shuttle from Airport/Anima – Anima/Airport

Curated by Adrian Dilena and Karla Hewitt-Blackie (CANADA)


Rethinking The Table is a two week residency program that seeks to reconceptualize the communal dining table. Challenging both the physical parameters of the table and the symbolic layers of meaning manifest in communal eating. The residency will utilize a series of workshops, excursions, group discussions, interventions & rituals, as well as each participant’s personal creative practices to build collectively towards a final group dinner as exhibition with local guests.

We conceive of the table and the act of eating together as an entry point into a myriad of politically and socially charged conversations We seek to use this simple act as a lens through which we can examine, research, deconstruct and ultimately rethink our relationship to food, eating and the each other.

Animacasa offers a unique opportunity to explore these conversations. Situated in rural Jalisco state outside of Guadalajara, the residency takes place in a farm to table permaculture setting with vegetable gardens, food forests,  animals and mountainous horizons.